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One World, One Competition, One Winner...from Nigeria

For the 2nd time, InfoGraphics has gone against the best in Microsoft Worldwide Partner Awards and won out of over 3000 entries from 150 countries. Again, on July 16th, 2010 we carried the Green-White-Green on stage at Washington DC and we were proudly Nigerian.

Sharepoint is Microsoft's fastest selling and most sucessful enterprise server product in its history; InfoGraphics is its leading exponent in Africa
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SharePoint Technologies

Collaboration features such as meeting spaces, project sites, workflow, document posting and versioning, check in/check out, discussion groups, real-time communication (chat), polls, subscriptions, and customizable alerts enable knowledge workers to effectively combine their efforts and work together both synchronously and asynchronously. ...Read more

Virtual Learning

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a system designed to support teaching and learning in an educational setting, as distinct from a Managed Learning Environment
E-learning solutions
Intranets and Portals ...Read more

Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management is a platform built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Its major focus is centered on optimizing the use of resources, improving communication and collaboration between project team members, and providing better insight into the organization's portfolio of projects

Infographics Nigeria assists organizations in the implementation of enterprise project management solutions to streamline the project management process, provide process improvements, and improve project performance. ...Read more

Workflow Automation

Setting up of electronic workflows for each of your daily, weekly and monthly duties saves you time and makes your tasks unbelievably easy. We will set up a workflow that allows you to approve, reject, or improve projects with the click of a button and then automatically send it on to the next person who needs to see it.
Increased Business Process Efficiency
Ease of repetitive tasks, Time and Cost effectiveness...Read more




Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise and Web content management
Content syndication and digital or media asset management ...Read more


Collaborative Workplace Environments
Unified familiar experience
Rich-presence; multimodal from any device or application...Read more


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